Eating healthy is hard enough, we started by cooking healthy meals for ourselves when we were working in bars and restaurants.  Most health food is usually flavorless and lacks familiarity.  “Chicken brown rice and vegetables” We have created recipes that people recognize and enjoy using chicken, brown rice and vegetables. Arroz con Pollo, Turkey meatloaf, turkey Meatballs, and more…

Chef Jonpaul Ugay is a certified culinarian with a certificate of culinary science from CCA San Francisco and CSCA Le Cordon Blue Pasadena.

With more than 25  years in the culinary arts, his experience spans all facets of the restaurant industry as a chef, manager, bartender, owner/partner, caterer and personal chef service.  The driving force for AP Meal Prep is inspired by the cross section of fitness, health and Jonpaul’s love of cooking and eating.