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Our Story

Cooking is what we do

a ave we How we began All Purpose Meal Prep is one of our ( Jonpaul & Sam) favorite stories.

First off we are so excited that you’re on our site! WELCOME! Whether you choose us as your source for your journey in health, or not, ( but deep down we hope you take a chance with us because we promise you won’t regret it! ) we are thrilled that you’re even thinking about taking one of the most important steps INVESTING in YOURSELF. YOU are WORTH IT.

Now head down memory lane with us,

Jonpaul and I were both working in restaurants & bars. Long days and late night hours that led to drive-thrus, skipped meals, and a whole lot of unhealthy choices. We both realized that we couldn’t continue down that path, and that is when we started to prep Meals that one of our trainers recommended. We  realized that our Meals didn’t  have to be flavorless and boring.  Jonpaul realized that our Menu could change with our cravings.  Thus our always Changing Menu.

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Weekly Menu

Our menu changes weekly, we do have a few “Staple Items” that have earned their permanent spots.


We use Real eggs, Hand Cracked and separated to make our 4-1 egg White to Yolk mixture.


Our Salad Dressings are made fresh with real ingredients. Laura Dressing: Fresh raspberries, honey, walnut oil, olive oil, Raspberry Vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic.


All of our sauces are made from scratch Fresh fire roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, Fire roasted Peppers, and More. We develop real flavors w/ real ingredients.

Meet The Chef

Chef Jonpaul Graduated from CCA San Francisco & Le Courdon Blue Pasadena. He Has over 30 years in the restaurant business, from casual dining to fine dining.  His passion for fitness and food is what has been the driving force behind the ever-changing menu of All Purpose Meal Prep.

JonPaul Ugay

Jon Paul Ugay Executive Chef