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Order Deadline on 01/15/22

H. 4 weeks-120 Meal-Couples Package



This Package Allows 15 Meals Per Person Each Week Based on a 4 Week Program

Save 8% on all Meals Purchased this w/ our monthly package of 120 meals!

This package can not be purchased w/ your Virtual Wallet it will not send you the full value of the package.

This package does not include premium items please feel free to order those items but you will be required to pay the difference of the items when the $ value of the package has been consumed.


15ea.-4oz. Meals / 15ea. 6oz. Meals
Value 1680.90-Cost $1560=Save $140-180


15ea.-4oz. Meals / 15ea. 8oz. Meals
Value 1810.20-Cost $1680=Save $150-190


15ea.-6oz. Meals / 15ea. 8oz. Meals
Value 1939.20-Cost $1800=Save $160-200