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Deliveries for the week of 5.30 & 6.1.20

To our LA Clients, Sunday Delivery is required.

Our Weekly Menu is posted every Monday at 9am, last call for orders is that following Thursday at 11:59pm.

We will try and accommodate the best we can if your order is placed after our deadline. 

JP and Sam are fully committed to the health and safety of everyone that is apart of the AP Meal Prep Family during this difficult time.  Have comfort in knowing that our facility is not open to the public. Although these are challenging times, we encourage you now more than ever to continue to make your health a priority.

WE WILL BE OFFERING A $10 CREDIT TO ALL ACCOUNTS ORDERING IN THE COMING WEEKS, which will cover part if not all of your delivery fee. In the coupon code use #together, please be sure to use the hash tag.

We ask that in the coming weeks we all work together. Thank you for your continued support!


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